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Roland CLEMENCEAU - August 2013



It is only back in the year 2012 that, being born and raised in France, having attended English&American Literature&Civilization studies at University in Bordeaux, then setting off to live and work in the United-Kingdom for over two years, later becoming a PHP programmer as well as a trained Unix/Linux administrator, that, guided by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I have finally realized my professional career had been pointing to only one path: becoming a Freelance English to French Technical Translator, operating on the global market.

Holding back from throwing the word Technical into the pot just yet, a translator is what I had been all those years without even realizing it, my mind constantly evaluating/comparing language constructs symmetrically, trying to highlight any sort of reliable, logical, linguistic/cultural bridges, analyzing any of the words, idioms or sentences I would stumble on, whatever the situation or the place.

Indeed, what I had first thought of as being merely a romantic obsession towards things not so many people seem to take interest in (let alone noticing them in the first place), had only been the sign that being a translator was what I was meant to be, owning a set of (inter)personal skills Translation&Interpreting schools cannot really teach - skills you either already possess or do not possess. But somehow and luckily enough, Computer Science had also been an area in which I had developed prior to becoming a translator.

Using the words 'luckily enough' would even be short of emphasis in this context, as the French Society of Translators (SFT) in its annual reports state - figures in hand - the most successful translators in the industry are not necessarily those owning a degree in translation, but rather those having both a specialization and a high-enough level of education. That's aside the question of business management skills though.

But, where does that leave the customer anyway? Well, growing up as a kid in a retail environment, I have always been sensitive to the notion of customer relations. But stretching back to adulthood now, I have strongly benefited from those customer-handling skills while working as a Technical Customer Adviser at the then France Telecom Mobile, now become Orange France.

It is said a good translator is one that should possess good writing skills - true - and here, I will simply be inviting you to check some of the (mostly technical but not only) articles I wrote not too long ago, that can be found at: and

All in all and regardless of any aspect of social/cultural relevance, language is passion, and only passion is what has the ability to ultimately drive the best possible results. And this is just what I have set out to do since I have started my Freelance Translation business back 2012: Transforming my passion for translation, fueled by my unfailing interest toward the English language, into useful value that businesses can use to fully develop their activities on the French-speaking market.


Since I have started my Freelance Translation Business back in 2012, I have been making extensive use of my knowledge of both the English and the French-speaking worlds in order to create useful value that businesses could use to expand their activities on the French-speaking market, which meant and still means:
Guaranteeing great quality, inline with a healthy, productive and sustainable work atmosphere.

But, truth is there is a lot more to a translator than being able to give back quality translations in time:

(Complete explanation)

 Consulting Services in Translation, Localization and Internationalization

For you, as a direct client, what does that mean? How can I help your business expand to the French-speaking market?

By contributing the best of my skills and experience to establish a no-nonsense&cost-saving strategy that will allow you for instance to:

  • Determine the viability of your project
  • Localize/establish your product(s) and everything surrounding it (marketing, support policy, etc.),
    as well as your infrastructure/brand in the targeted country, which means:
        - Choosing the most appropriate technological solution(s)/platform(s), consistent with your localization needs
        - Finding the right strategy that will allow your company to communicate its message effectively
  • Get the most out of your outsourced projects by minimizing the risk of failure due to issues arising from linguistic/cultural barriers
  • Network with key protagonists within the targeted segment so your products/brands get maximum visibility

As an example, last year, while working on translating Chatous, a very successful (over 1M downloads on Google Play Store) chat/image-sharing app for mobile devices, developed by US-based Chatous Inc., I was tasked at one point with determining how viable it would be to provide additional translations for each of the most commonly used variants of French, eg: Canadian French, African French, so on.
In only minutes, I was able to provide a consistent answer that demonstrated creating and maintaining new variants of French would be almost totally pointless (let alone cost-ineffective), which not only helped erase any doubt their staff may have had regarding the topic, avoiding unjustified expenses, but also allowed them to quickly better understand their French-speaking marketing segment.

Already have a project in mind? Please contact me for a free estimate and I will get back to you as shortly as possible.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the service, rates and guarantee sections, hoping it will answer most of the questions you may have.

I am looking forward to working with you very soon.

Best Regards,



Guarantee      Rates



Professional&Independent English to French Technical Translation/Localization

Language pair:

  English > French

Type of work:

  •   Translation

  •   Localization

  •   Internationalization

  •   Consulting

Type of documents:

  •   User manuals/guides; Marketing/Sales documents/presentations; Technical specifications;

  •   Product descriptions; Web/Mobile applications; FAQ's; Training materials; Articles; Keywords;

  •   Video transcripts; Job descriptions; Agreements/contracts for complex technological solutions;

  •   Phrase-books

Type of industries:

  •   IT/Computer-related; Website/Software Development; Image-edition; Digital Video-surveillance;

  •   Electronic devices/accessories; Internet Marketing; iPhone-based robot systems; Golf gear;

  •   Sport clothing; Language learning;

Supported formats:

  •   doc, docx, ods, odt, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf, pdf

  •   xml, html, xhtml, php, js

  •   jpg, jpeg, png, gif (via ocr)


Services      Rates


For each project, regardless of its size, you will benefit from:

    •   Quality work - that will fully make sense to a native French reader.

    •   Timeliness - All documents will be delivered in time, no matter what.

    •   Confidentiality - Unless required otherwise, the content of the submitted documents will never be disclosed.


Services      Guarantee


Rates for agencies (as of September 3, 2015)
Price p/source word 0.8 €
Flat rate (1) 15 €
Rates for direct clients (as of September 3, 2015)
Hourly rate 30 € OR
Price p/source word 0.12 €
Flat rate (1) 20 €
TM tool discounts (2) NO
Large project discounts (3) 10-18%


(1) Applies only to estimates that fall below 15 €
(2) No Translation Memory tools are being used in the process
(3) 10 % for projects > 9K words; 18 % for projects > 16K words


Emergency 25%
Night/Evening/Weekend 30%
Unusual/particular difficulty 20%
Poorly drafted original(s) 20%
Nomenclatures – Lists of words 30%
Unreadable texts / difficulties deciphering them 20%
Need for non-linear image/pdf processing (4) 20%


(4) Any document that requires manual transcription/count
because its context cannot be copied/counted programmatically

Note : Central European Time (CET, also known as Paris Time
or UTC+01:00) will be the timezone used for reference


In this section, you will find samples from passed projects I have successfully completed, grouped by client and sorted by industry.


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