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FreeBMA for Freelance Translators 1.0
The New Kid in Translation Town
Tuesday 16th June 2015 (14:20)



Not long ago, FreeBMA for Freelance Translators was still in its infancy, as it was merely a Spreadsheet template that was (and still is) hosted here.

Today, I am announcing the release of a full-scale project, FreeBMA for Freelance Translators 1.0, (hosted on SourceForge) that comes in many flavors, to suit all computer pro-efficiency levels.

As of now, the project offers implementations for spreadsheet (.xls, .xlslx and .ods), Open-LibreOffice Base (.odb with HSQLDB)Open-LibreOffice Base for MySQ(.odb with MySQL) and standalone MySQL database SQL file(.sql) too.

 A great place to start with is the project's Q&A wiki page, where you will find the answer to most of the questions you may have right now.

You may also find useful information reading the following wiki entries:

- Spreadsheet
- Open-LibreOffice Base (HSQLDB)
- Open-LibreOffice Base for MySQL

Support is available by submitting a ticket

Happy Working!