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FreeBMA for Freelance Translators
Saturday 30th May 2015 (12:34)



Formerly a computer programmer, I have decided today I would share with you my knowledge in business data modelizing by creating and uploading and Open/LibreOffice template that contains the model I myself use daily for my freelance translation activities.

The template can be downloaded from here:

This business model should be helpful to freelance translators prospecting new agencies/direct clients, managing interviews, client details, projects, invoices, including translation project files and more.

I have chosen to make this project available in spreadsheet template format for now, but an .odb (with insert forms) and MySQL database versions are already available, for enhanced data interaction and visual experience.

As this new project targets everyone globally, it is possible you may have to modify some of it to perfectly match your own business logic.

Should you have any comment or suggestion, please share them using this form.

Happy Working! and stay tuned for more on 273rd Day Translation's Blog